Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Service 154B with effect from January 6

  Service 154B is to help students who study in Nee Ann Polytechnic and live in clementi. It will operate on weekdays AM Peak except for School Vacation and Public Holidays. 

  The first bus departs at 6.45 a.m. and the last bus at 9.20 a.m. It will be with affect in 6 January 2014.

Unidirectional - Clementi MRT to Nee Ann Polytechnic

Commonwealth Ave West
Clementi Stn
Blk 329
Blk 325

Clementi Rd

Blk 342
Blk 343
Blk 109
Blk 106
Maju Camp
Sim Hq
Nee Ann Poly (Terminates Here)

Introduction Poster:

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